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We connect millions of buyers and sellers Nationwide, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Africartz kitchen is a food delivery company that offers convenience and affordability to diverse buyers of foodstuff by putting out the products of farmers and vendors to customers via our channel; which is the Africartz Kitchen platform.
Africartz kitchen is broken down into;

The foodstuff market where all food stuff ranging from fresh farm produce, to various types of meats and ingredients used for making your favorite soups, stews and any kind of meal in general will be delivered to your door step.

We also have a section where soups and the ingredients needed to prepare these soups have been put together according to the type of soups for easy access.

Then we have the section for vendors. Food companies who have enrolled as vendors on our platform will have their meals delivered to consumers who order on our platform at their door steps as well.

At Africartz kitchen we believe in convenience, and that’s why we go to the market to shop on your behalf; making it easy for you by delivering to your door step with ease. With the rates you buy your foodstuff at the market, those are the same rates we would be providing these items for.

Africartz kitchen aims at becoming the number one platform for food stuff from our farmers/market as well as cooked meals from our vendors on our platform.

We deal with food stuff from the market, from farmers, producers, wholesalers and meals from vendors; we carefully select and put out products that are of good quality and that are affordable.

Africartz kitchen brings the food stuff you’ll need to make your favorite meals and also cooked food from our vendors to your door step in a timely manner and in good quality.
We supply to restaurants, hotels, offices, churches, schools, offices and so on. For those who would like to order in large quantities, we have special packages which are called ‘special orders’; As well as our soup section where all soups have their ingredients and measurements stated with ease.
At Africartz we believe in the value of our customers money, therefore whatever you pay for, be rest assured the value of your money will be reflected in our products.

Shop with us at ease and get your desired products all at a click of a button. All you have to do as a consumer is to create an account and shop with ease. And as a vendor join our platform and have your meals delivered with ease.


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